Our Projects

Land Development Associates has made a niche for themselves in Southern Nevada as the go-to company for navigating through the maze of permitting and government regulation.  LDA has successfully assisted both expanding and new companies to develop on time and on budget within the various jurisdictions of Southern Nevada.  Take a look at a few of our recent projects below and you too will realize how important and effective LDA can be to your company’s bottom line:

Mountain View Industrial Park

Mountain View Industrial Park is a 3,000-acre industrial park located just minutes north of Las Vegas, Nevada.  LDA was instrumental in the annexation and entitlement of the entire park.  LDA coordinated all of the master studies including water, sewer, traffic and drainage.  Over 1,400 acres have been sold within the park thanks to LDA's strategic…

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Apex Industrial Park

Apex Industrial Park is Southern Nevada's largest industrial park.  Covering over 20,000 acres, Apex houses some of the largest names in the industry, such as Lhoist International, Republic Services and Love’s Truck Stop.  LDA, acting as the management company, has successfully entitled over 10,000 acres in the park.  LDA was the catalyst and manager behind…

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Love's Truck Stop #340

Love's has been at the forefront of the convenience store and travel center industry for more than three decades.  In 2004, Love's decided that Apex was a great fit for its newest western expansion.  By seeking LDA's guidance, Love's was able to finalize its development plans and open travel stop #340 on time and on…

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Blue Oasis Pure Shrimp Facility

Shrimp in the desert? Why not? Blue Oasis Pure Shrimp operates a closed-loop water-based agricultural system in the heart of the Mojave Desert.  The Mountain View Industrial Park facility produces 500,000 pounds per year of shrimp currently, and plans for expansion are in the works. LDA was instrumental in assisting Blue Oasis' development team through…

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